Review: PM233 Womenswear 3

My review of PM233 a continuation from PM122.

FIT Description: “Utilizing the basic slopers, students develop additional patterns for style variations using the slopers developed in PM 121. Patterns are developed for bodice, torso, and sleeves. A variety of skirt slopers are developed. Pattern corrections are made according to fit, balance, and specification measurements. Final patterns and fabric samples acceptable for mass production are created.”


A number of fellow students from previous classes were there, which gave a nice camaraderie, also Grace, from the blogosphere [fyi, she has some serious quilting skillz]!IMG_0520

Luckily for me we were taught in the same room as PM122, so I was reunited with my form. That saved me a lot of work, as students from other classrooms had to play catch up and get a fitted basic sloper from a new form whilst also working on their weekly projects.


Right, back to course content! It’s a full semester of 15 or so weeks covering: basic bodice, straight skirt, wrap skirt, skirt with ‘swirly’ yokes, flared skirt, godet skirt, torso sloper, dartless sloper, shirt and blouse variations, vest, finally trousers and drafting jumpsuits!

Which is funny because I’d already completed some jumpsuit variations for a client in January. Jumpsuits are all de rigeuer for Summer ’14.


At first it does feel a little repetitive, but you do gain new insights and different styles of working on patterns from different professors. It also moved at a faster pace.


The grand finale was a mystery project. There were 5 or 6 styles that were stuffed into envelopes and then we picked at random. I got a pair of cargo style trousers reminiscent of the 90s.

In the words of Kath & Kim:

Each element in the final project had been covered in a previous projects so it was just a matter of piecing elements together. It was nice to see this progression from the previous classes, where students were spoon fed the steps to complete the exam.


The professor was again, like the others I’ve met at FIT, knowledgable and experienced. She has a no-nonsense approach to getting the work done, but also a sense of humour. Importantly she had a great manner when assessing homework; providing insight and open to answering additional questions, so you got the opportunity to learn from any mistakes.

Overall I enjoyed this class, but I have to remind myself that I totally nerd out on this stuff. If this were part of a hobby, I would probably be peeved with the amount of homework that has to be produced [each project was not only drafted but also sewn up as a full sample] on a weekly basis. If you want to get more of glance into industry methods this adds another small step – I swear they only give you a tiny peep into it each class.


  1. Great review! I felt basically the same about the class. Unfortunately I had to redraft the torso sloper for my form and that set me back so far I really couldn’t catch up (damned homework!) I never did get to the romper, but oh final grade managed a B+.
    One thing I wish the classes at FIT did is rely a wee bit more on text books. Every instructor I’ve had there has had their one curriculum with their own handouts, or no handouts! It means I have to keep a sad binder of all my notes forever and ever.

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